Show Choir Retreat 2018


The following is a list of things that you will need to know for retreat.


Emergency contact:  Chris and Kim Mettert 260-585-9063

  • Where- Camp POTAWATAMI
  • Candle Lighting- Friday, 8:30 pm in the Lodge
  • Talent Show- Saturday, 8:00 pm in the Lodge
  • Leave- Fri.- 4:30 Pm
  • Get Home- Sun. – 11:45 Am


What You will Need:

 Pillow____, Sleeping bag____, Comfortable Clothes____,

Dance Shoes____, Jacket or Coat____, Comfortable

shoes____,  Toothbrush and paste____,  Personal Hygiene items____,  Shampoo____,  Deodorant____, Items for Talent Show____,  Towel______, snacks_____.

******A Positive Attitude******

Retreat will be a fun time to bond, but it will also be hard work.

Come prepared to have fun and work hard.

Address7255 E 700 S, Wolcottville, IN 46795

Phone(260) 351-2525


Friday Night

4:30-  Load Busses

5:30- Arrive at Camp POTAWATAMI and unpack


7:30-  Dinner in Lodge

8:00 Seniors Meet for Candle-Lighting in Lodge

8:30 Underclassmen meet outside the Lodge by class Juniors followed by Sophomores and Freshmen.  PLEASE ENTER THE ROOM IN SILENCE.

8:45- Candle Lighting Ceremony lodge

9:45- Mixer in Lodge

11:45 to bunks

12:15  Lights Out.


6:30-      Breakfast


9:00-     PE Vocal Rehearsal

               KR Choreography Rehearsal

10:15-  KR Vocal Rehearsal

               PE Choreography Rehearsal

11:30-  Lunch in Lodge

12:00-   PE Vocal Rehearsal

               KR Choreography Rehearsal

2:15-      KR Vocal Rehearsal

               PE Choreography Rehearsal

4:30-      New Vision Rehearsal

6:00-     Dinner

7:00-     Showers and prep for Talent Show

8:00-      Talent Show In Lodge

10:00-   “Bond”fire

11:45     Lights OutJ


6:30-      Breakfast

7:00-      Web

8:00       KR Rehearsal in Lodge

               PE Clean-up cabins

9:00-     PE Rehearsal in Lodge

               KR Clean-up cabins

10:00     Pack and go Home

10:30    Busses leave for ENHS

11:30     Arrive at ENHS

No Student is to ever be in any part of the camp without supervision.  If you need to return to a cabin, then you need to find a chaperone to take you back to that cabin. Any violation of school policies will result in you being sent home.  Any violation of any law will result in police action.